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We believe data is the key to furture, RFID is the way everything to be better,faster .

We are a technology company. With a proud 18 year history in RFID solution we have carefully expanded our capabilities and product offerings to build on this strength and help our customers realise greater value.
Shenzhen Inno RFID Co.,Ltd was founded on 2002 by several RFID professional engineers. Over 18 years,we provide thousands of solution of RFID LF,HF and UHF solutions for customers all over the world.

Currently, Inno RFID has completed RFID electronic tag packaging technology and advanced automatic production line for RFID electronic tag, including regular HF and UHF tags, special labels, smart cards, electronic tickets, NFC products such as NFC sticker,  ,RFID wristband,etc ,we also provide RFID reader and scanner,animal microchip,animal ear tag.

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