Cainiao adopts minimalist PDA to speed up logistics freight

"Cainiao is a digital infrastructure company, this logistics network is hydropower coal, must provide a high level of service anytime, anywhere. On June 23rd, rookie networks hosted the first global smart logistics summit for six years. On-site, rookie president Wan Wei "put a tough word", will further enhance the all-weather logistics service capacity, the next three years to speed up cross-border parcels 1 times, Cainiao station will be upgraded to a digital community life service station.

Will the United Express company increase technical investment

The Cainiao station is also going to be upgraded.

In May this year, the rookie network turned 7 years old. Wan said that the rookie this logistics network to fight the epidemic, the resumption of production to provide a strong circulation guarantee, which is the result of seven years of continuous digital connection of logistics elements and network collaboration, but also fully explained that the digital infrastructure is the biggest strategy of rookie.

In the future, Cainiao and major courier companies decided to continue to increase investment in technology, so that this logistics network in the year-round all kinds of unexpected situations, special circumstances can run at full speed. Cainiao will continue to use technology to upgrade the end network, shipping network, in the key link to optimize the cost efficiency of the express network.

Among them, tens of thousands of rookie stations nationwide will be upgraded to digital community life service stations, through increased group purchase, laundry, recycling and other services, so that the logistics end closer to consumers. Rookie wrapped sender users have broken 200 million, will continue to expand international sending, intelligent sending and other new scenarios, optimize the income structure of couriers, so that couriers and consumers better connect.

Globalization is one of the focus of the rookie's new three-year plan. In the next three years, rookies will double the time limit for cross-border parcels to provide sMEs with a main channel for cross-border trade, Mr. Wan said.

According to reports, Cainiao has started in Thailand, Russia, Spain, the United States and other places to add logistics hub facilities, and plans to add 1000 new export charter flights in the next 9 months, the next three years through nearly 2 million square meters of overseas warehouses for small and medium-sized enterprises to prepare for the sea, so as to build a world's largest parcel network.

In addition to the logistics network infrastructure, rookie is also launching an upgrade from the consumer supply chain to the industrial supply chain to provide digital solutions for brands, merchants and factories, with the goal of industrial upgrading going directly to industrial clusters, hoping to help 10 billion industrial belts and 1,000 factories with output value.

Continuous innovation in all aspects of logistics

New IoT products are coming

The Internet of Everything created by 5G, smart devices, cloud and edge computing is opening up a new dimension of cyberspace. At the summit, Alibaba Group's CTO Cheng Li said Alibaba will provide a comprehensive foundation to help companies quickly create their own IoT solutions. Among them, in the field of smart logistics, rookie is committed to using Internet of Things technology to innovate all aspects of logistics, so that consumers receive parcels one day earlier, so that couriers, warehouse staff work more efficient and easier, so that the logistics costs of merchants better.

Reporters noted that at this logistics summit, rookiereleased a new type of logistics computer, a new generation of minimalist PDA (target gun), intelligent prototype, intelligent sender, such as a series of new Internet of Things "black technology."

According to the introduction, the new logistics computer can carry out data calculation, video recording, task processing and content presentation in various logistics scenes, the new generation of minimalist PDA from the warehouse to the logistics full link use, has helped hundreds of warehouses, distribution centers, express outlets across the country to improve the effect, rookie wrapped in intelligent delivery cabinets, through the IoT way, express delivery into the office scene. Sending express the whole self-help, we do not have to wait, go far, want to send on.

In addition, rookiehas has deployed robots in many parts of the country, for couriers to launch intelligent voice assistant, in the Cainiao station using unmanned cars, the implementation of no sense of access. A range of IoT technologies are accelerating the digital and intelligent upgrading of the industry.

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