• RFID Laundry Tag
  • RFID Laundry Tag
  • RFID Laundry Tag
  • RFID Laundry Tag
RFID Laundry TagRFID Laundry TagRFID Laundry TagRFID Laundry Tag

RFID Laundry Tag

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  • Product description: RFID Laundry Tag

RFID tags for laundry are passive RFID tags. Its small, soft and flexible material makes it ideal for textiles, clothing, garments and accessories. Perfect for tracking garments and are able to withstand multiple wash cycles, supply chain management, inventory control, asset tracking, and process control.

Identification & anti-counterfeiting, logistics tracking, automation in industry, laundry, chemical raw material electric power identification.

Why use RFID washable Laundry Tag?

> Can be read by handheld & fixed reader.
> Allows dynamic reading of textiles in bulk on a conveyor belt and stacked textiles.
> Allows reading of carts on the clean side.
> Allows fast inventory check in the laundry and at the customer site.
> High-speed scanning of large volumes of textiles.
> Highest accuracy rates.
> Touch-free identification.

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