Pet Scanner

  • 2021 new pet ID scanner
2021 new pet ID scanner

2021 new pet ID scanner

  • 2021 new design
  • FDX-B scanner
  • dog bone shape
  • super read range
  • Product description: 2021 new pet ID scanner

Product description

IR-008(high-end blue button) animal chip handheld reader is dedicated to the field of animal identification,It can identify animal chips that meet the ISO11784/85 standard. The product uses advanced RF transmit/receive circuits and embedded microcontrollers, combined with a rigorous decoding algorithm to receive, verify and read the IS011784/85 compatible electronic identification. It has the characteristics of high receiving sensitivity, small working current, convenient carrying and high cost performance. The data is displayed on the LCD screen in real time.

This product is a low frequency 134.2KHZ animal chip reader, OLED display, USB charging, stable product performance, safe and reliable.


Power supply

Rechargeable lithium battery (filled for 90 minutes), please fill in the time for the first time

Working frequency


charging method


screen display

OLED display

continuously working

4 hours



storage temperature



Built in

Operating temperature


data storage

Can store 32 sets of data

Operating humidity


Including the overall weight of the package


Machine net weight


Package dimensions

Long 21.6cm

Width 12.6cm

High 3.8cm


Reading standard

ISO11784/5 FDX-B

Operating language


warranty period

One year


USB Charging Cable

Reading distance

The ear tag reading distance is 20-22cm, and the glass tube reading distance is 10-15cm (depending on the chip size)

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