Pet Scanner

  • Pet ID Scanner
Pet ID Scanner

Pet ID Scanner

  • Pet ID RFID scanner
  • Read fast, easy to operate
  • Long range reading distance
  • Product description: Pet ID Scanner

Product Description:

This Pet ID RFID scanner support muti-protocol (FDX-A / FDX-B, HDX)with long range reading distance and OLED highlight energy-efficient display,Added the Bluetooth module and menu option function.It can read all meet the ISO11784 / 11785 standard pet chip, electronic ear tag, electronic foot ring and other animal electronic tags.

Product parameters:

Product Code



134.2kHz; 125KHz

(Supported Chips)

ISO11784/5 FDX-A, FDX-B, EM4102

(Reading Distance)

16CM (Diameter27mm,round Inlay) 8CM (length 12mm ,glass tag )


128 × 64 pixels, black and white, OLED


4 pcs

(Buzzer and Indicator)

2 charge indicator, 1 work indicator, 1 buzzer


USB virtual serial port, Bluetooth virtual serial



L 155mm x W 82mm x H 33mm


rechargeable battery,1400mAh,3.7V

(Operating Temperature)

0℃ - 50℃

(Storage Temperature)

-10℃ - 60℃


Mini USB interface to charge


Mini USB data cable, product description,

battery, box


FCC, CE certification, Bluetooth certification

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