Contribution to patient satisfaction and safety.

The healthcare industry involves many processes that need identification, monitoring, controlling and documenting. Due to complex operating processes or international delivery chains RFID technology offers healthcare companies a number of advantages to increase cost efficiency and patient safety.


RFID automatically tracks or identifies patients and personnel, pharmaceuticals, medical devices, instruments, bloodbags or different kinds of samples and helps to prevent human errors and medical malpractice. With the help of RFID, electronic patient records can be automatically updated with the information on caregiver, patient and treatment.
RFID can add value to medical devices and instruments by ensuring the correct function of the device, adjusting the settings or counting the times a specific part is used. Furthermore, the utilization rate of instruments can be increased, when hospital inventories are better up to date. In addition to cost savings and improved efficiency, the implementation of RFID technology will result in higher employee and patient satisfaction and most importantly, improved patient safety.


Total visibility within the supply chain

RFID is an excellent technology to comply with upcoming regulations for serialization. In addition to that, RFID contributes to safety in pharmaceuticals by bringing visibility to the entire supply chain. Electronic pedigree solutions offer total transparency on complete tracking histories. E-Pedigree and defends against counterfeit products and grey distribution channels and therefore serves to protect the trust in a brand.

RFID tracking improves the efficiency of each partner’s processes by making the receipt and delivery of goods swift and simple. Additionally, RFID is a fast and efficient means for managing product recall processes.

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