RFID tags for Fashion and Apparel

The use of RFID tags for Retail for Fashion and Apparel applications is growing on a daily basis. From manufacturing to retail and brand owners, all the stakeholders are taking the advantages of item level tagging.

All processes in the apparel chain, from production monitoring and planning to inventory control, to in-store operations, can experience a consistent ROI (Return On Investment) once RFID tag is in use.

Moreover, the increase of sales and reduction of out-of-stock, provide the retail apparel industry with consistent motivations for RFID adoption.

Last but not least,Inventory accuracy is critical to shelf availability and customer satisfaction. RFID tracking helps retailers significantly improve movement of items between the stockroom and sales floor. Faster, more accurate tracking of each item, including the color and size, helps decrease out-of-stocks and keep customers happy.

Inno RFID’s products designed specifically for Fashion and Apparel provide superior reliability, ease of use and visibility into assets at every touch point.

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