RFID tags for Tranport and Delivery

In today's world, the demands on transportation and delivery companies are higher than ever. Staff are overextended and under pressure, compliance is complex, and customers expect service and information instantly. Fortunately, KocoData gives you unprecedented visibility into every corner of your operation - to make smarter, more informed decisions, and ensure flawless fulfillment.

Maintaining on-time and on-track freight management operations is essential for improving the accuracy and efficiency of asset utilization.

Koco Data’s  solutions for transportation and logistics automate the tracking of fleets and freight so you can be sure every vehicle is taking the right shipment to the right place at the right time.

Real-time data capture and reporting streamline inbound/outbound logistics, optimize stock levels for just-in-time/just-in-sequence manufacturing, reduce shipping errors, and lower costs. Automated processes replace time-consuming paper handling to improve dispatch efficiency, promote yard productivity, track and manage assets, and increase in-transit visibility.

Our comprehensive transportation and delivery solutions include pickup & delivery, cross dock logistics, fleet management, and field mobility solutions.

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